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  • Contemporary Mathematics
    Contemporary Mathematics

    Contemporary Mathematics is a quarterly peer-reviewed scientific journal. Our ultimate goal is to make the journal an important source for publishing high quality papers related to the development of contemporary mathematics as well as a continuing and evolving source of interesting and relevant problems for researchers. The scope of this journal includes theoretical, numerical, and experimental studies in all fields of mathematics and the mathematical sciences. A broad spectrum of topics are covered like: mathematical theory, pure mathematics, algebra, geometry and topology, complex analysis, differential equations, industrial mathematics, computational mathematics, discrete mathematics, etc. We publish submissions including research articles, reviews, letters and surveys.more >><< retract

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  • Engineering Science & Technology
    Engineering Science & Technology

    With the main research interests being engineering science and engineering technology, Engineering Science & Technology aims to disseminate latest scientific theories, research results and innovative methods among scientists and engineers from engineering disciplines.The journal covers a broad spectrum of engineering sciences and technologies: Engineering psychology, Engineering bionics, Engineering physics, Mechanical engineering, Engineering management, Electrical engineering, Civil engineering, Agricultural engineering, Medical engineering, Electronics, Bioinformatics, Photonics engineering, Communication engineering.more >><< retract

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  • Nanoarchitectonics

    Nanoarchitectonics is a peer-reviewed, open access and interdisciplinary journal that combines nanotechnology with the research fields of material science, supramolecular chemistry and bio-related sciences to create functional materials from nanoscale units. The aim is to promote understanding and progress of related fields and to discover novel insights. The journal publishes articles ranging from fundamental aspects to applications of nanoscience and nanotechnology in material synthesis, structural fabrications, sensing, catalysts, environmental remediation, energy production and storages, device fabrications and biological/biomedical treatments thus bridging the gap between atomic and device scales in pursuit of new materials.more >><< retract

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  • Global Economics Science
    Global Economics Science

    Global Economics Science is an open access, peer-reviewed international journal that encourages multidisciplinary research and aims to publish high quality original articles, both theoretical and empirical, which contribute significantly to the body of knowledge, using scientific research methods. The journal is severed as a platform for academics and practitioners around the world to share their latest advancements in all areas of global economics including economics, finance, international trade, and related topics. In particular, Global Economics Science encourages submissions in subject areas that are widely studied, including economic theories, economics philosophy, political economics, economic law and policy, accounting, econometric and statistic analysis, international economics, economic growth, monetary banking and finance, history of economic theory, wage markets, and other contemporary economic issues facing the world economy, as well as regions and countries.more >><< retract

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  • Fine Chemical Engineering
    Fine Chemical Engineering

    Fine Chemical Engineering is a peer reviewed and open accessed journal which is semiyearly published online. It is an essential journal for chemists, biologist, materials scientists, chemical engineers, physicists and others in related areas, which represents an advance on the latest and most important developments in design, production, manufacturing and application of fine chemicals, including medicines, pesticides, surfactants, synthetic dyes, pigments, additives, household chemicals, information chemicals, functional polymers and other specialty chemicals.more >><< retract

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  • Sustainable Chemical Engineering
    Sustainable Chemical Engineering

    Sustainable Chemical Engineering (SCE) is an international and open access journal focusing on the latest technological advances and significant cutting-edge research in green chemistry and sustainable engineering with topics coverage related to reducing or eliminating the use of generation of hazardous substances in the design, manufacture and application of chemical products. With aiming at providing a unique forum for the publication of innovative research on development of alternative green and sustainable chemical technologies, SCE ensures high visibility of your research results to a worldwide audience both in scientific community and chemical enterprises. You are kindly invited to submit your manuscript to SCE. Contributions of research articles, reviews, perspectives, case studies and short communications are mainly welcomed. more >><< retract

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  • Advanced Energy Conversion Materials
    Advanced Energy Conversion Materials

    Advanced Energy Conversion Materials (AECM) is an international multidisciplinary and open access forum for communicating scientific and technological advances on exploring new mechanisms of high-performance materials and devices to achieve higher conversion efficiency, energy storage and better safety and for publishing novel research findings of new materials that can be used to generate clean and renewable energy or to help manage problems from existing energy sources. more >><< retract

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  • Food Science and Engineering
    Food Science and Engineering

    Food Science and Engineering (FSE) is a peer-reviewed and open accessed journal publishing original articles, reviews, perspectives, letters, and short communications that reports novel research in food nutrition, security, technology, engineering and interdisciplinary studies. It aims to provide researchers, academicians and industry a forum for communicating advances and development of food science.
    FSE identifies and discusses trends that will drive the discipline over time. The scope of topics addressed is broad, encompassing the science of food engineering, food nanotechnology, physical properties of foods, food quality and safety, food autenticity and tracebility, food packaging, nutrition research, shelf life, sensory science, storage and distribution of foods, chemistry, microbiology and biotechnology aspects of food design and operation of food processes as well as environmentally friendly food processing.
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