Available Services

1. E-mail Alert

E-mail alert and subscription services are available for all registered users with free option based on individual needs. Universal Wiser endeavors to keep the public, including those scholars and researchers who have interest in the topics under each journal will be kept up-to-date or any concerns with a personalized and convenient way to access.

E-mail alert:

Requires you register first, provide your e-mail address and choose the journals you want to be informed about. Under this service, there are news alert and issues alert. For news alert is concerned mostly with information such as new announcements, submissions or reviewing events, editorial dynamics. For issues, it relates to journal’s forthcoming articles or the newly online issues. You can select what you want to be informed and receive by mail once it freshly comes out. Upon registration, you can submit and track the progress of your manuscripts online, receive free table of contents for your favorite journals, save and manage your search queries and receive new publications matching your search queries.

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2. Manuscripts Handling

All manuscripts of journals published by Universal Wiser are in English version. For authors from non-English-speaking countries or who can not type in English for research articles, we can provide professional English editing service to ensure the authors’ manuscripts can be worldwide accessible and understandable without language barrier.

English editing for each manuscript will be translated by native speakers and rechecked by the expert advisor who has background knowledge of your study field to help to improve colloquial expression to be exactly correct and in line with your original version without any misunderstanding.

Besides, we also provide following manuscripts handling service:

Layout editing: At the stage of submission preparation and article production after peer-reviewed.

Rapid grammar check: Within 2 working days we can complete and feedback to you.

Specialist editing: Check the subject-specific terms and style by an expert in your research field.

Plagiarism check: Receive a report showing text duplication and potential plagiarism, along with advice on where to modify text and add further citations.

For service charge, please contact service@wiserpub.com

3. Conference Organizing

Universal Wiser aims to work as a publisher to let those scientific new findings accessible to the public and to disseminate the cutting-edge technological information worldwide. Meanwhile, we also endeavor to be an international platform by organizing conferences of academic exchange.

Via establishing the partnership with international universities and creating connection with scholars and researchers from worldwide, Universal Wiser is able to organize an academic conference with our mature online conference system which can realize real-time communication fluently without time lag. We welcome institute or individual who wants to organize or attend meetings under specific topics.

4. High-quality Reprints

The journals published by Universal Wiser are available online in electronic edition, generally in PDF version. If reader wants to keep hard copy of our journal, we can provide paid service to send high-quality reprints by post. Just need you to tell us your exact requirement regarding the specific wanted journal and delivery address.

For service charge, please contact service@wiserpub.com

5. Member Services

Here, member could be a reviewer, contributor or editorial board member, those who have established long-term cooperation with us or contributed greatly for the progress or improvement of our journals. Universal Wiser offers membership lots of remarkable advantages as below:

● Universal Wiser offers membership a quick response peer review process and publication of the article.

● Members are entitled to get offers and discounts on all conferences and events organized by Universal Wiser.

● Membership can also get more exposure to the member board of Universal Wiser.