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  • S. Udayabaskaran

    Artvin Vocational School, Accounting and Taxation, Artvin Çoruh University, Artvin, 08100, Turkey

    I wish to share with you that the review process was very meticulous and helpful. All the reviewers never compromised with any ommision and shortfall in the paper. I very much appreciate the typesetting of the article error free and its ultimate outlook inside the journal is excellent.

    Author from Contemporary Mathematics

  • Iram Javeed

    School of Economics, Regional Institute of Management and Technology University, Mandi Gobindgarh, Punjab, India

    It was a wonderful experience as I got to learn a lot while publishing my article with Universal Wiser Publisher. Extremely cooperative, timely response, professional and helpful nature of the editorial board encouraged me to deliver the best. The reviewer's suggestions added more knowledge to my work and broadened my horizon. I am very thankful to the Editor Universal Wiser for considering my work and I hope all the corrections made while writing the manuscript will bring more improvement in my future work as a researcher. I will also advise future researchers to publish their work in this high quality renowned journal. I wish them more fame and success, looking forward to more collaborations with them in future.

    Author from Global Economics Science

  • Louis K. Tadros

    Agricultural Chemistry Department, Faculty of Agriculture, Mansoura University, Egypt

    I would like to inform you that i am so happy and appreciate your effort also you are patient and helpful during the preparation for this work.This feeling which i have now reflected the happiness to see your work is published looks like the feeling when you have seen the success of your son in lif . My hope, espcially , in new year , more success for our Journal.

    Author from Food Science and Engineering

  • Gorenand Prasad Yadav

    Agricultural and Food Engineering Department, Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, Kharagpur, West Bengal-721302, India

    I had a great feeling while contacting the Journal every time. I got very fast response to every email. As far as review process is concerned, review process of the Journal is very fast with detailed review of the paper. Publication time is very short or I would say publication time is shorter than any other journal. 

    Author from Food Science and Engineering

  • Henry L. Mambo

    Department of Library and Media Studies, The Open University of Tanzania, Tanzania

    Working with you has been a pleasure. You were quick to examine and provide criticism in good academic language. With this tendency, I believe SER has a bright future. Regarding being SER writers, there is no other choice. We are amazed by you. Last week, I suggested that one of my coworkers, publish with SER, and we were successful in submitting his manuscript for evaluation and publishing considerations. The submission system is simple and user friendly.

    Author from Social Education Research

  • Abiodun D. Aderibigbe

    Department of Chemistry, Federal University of Technology Akure, Ondo state, Nigeria

    I am happy I chose to publish my manuscript with Sustainable Chemical Engineering. My inquiries were promptly responded to, and I was carried along with every step of the publication process. I highly recommend your journal.

    Author from Sustainable Chemical Engineering

  • Amjed Al-mousa

    Computer Engineering Department, Princess Sumaya University for Technology, Amman, Jordan

    The publishing experience was the best I have encountered in my academic career. The process was fast, staff was extremely responsive and prompt. On top of that, I received very very detailed reviews within a very short period of time. Thank you Wiser and thanks for the CCDS staff.

    Author from Cloud Computing and Data Science

  • Omid Sharifi-Tehrani

    Department of Electrical and Communication Engineering, Imam Hossein Comprehensive University, Tehran, Iran

    I have a positive view about this journal. The editorial board and the staff are professional and polite. The journal seems to have a good vision for its future and thus has a good review process. I wish the best for this journal.

    Author from Cloud Computing and Data Science

  • Matthew Oladapo Gidigbi

    Department of Economics, Faculty of Social and Management Sciences, Modibbo Adama University, Nigeria

    REDR is an excellent journal which maintains standard procedures in all the publication stages. It took time to get an ideal number of reviewers' comments on our submission but we were getting updates on the procedures. The timely updates that we were receiving during those periods helped us to exercise patience, knowing fully well that our submission was not in a trash box but still under consideration, though, our submission dashboard shows the update. but the timely communication from the editor helped us in keeping hope alive. Fortunately, we had a positive outcome, though, with corrections. In short, the experience has been interesting and it taught us patience in the publication process.

    Author from Regional Economic Development Research

  • Nguyen Minh Tuan

    King Mongkut's University of Technology North Bangkok, Thailand

    We are very happy to work with the journal. We are connected to make the paper improved by the reviewers and the cooperators. The paper has been published and could serve the readers in the best way. Thank you very much for your contribution and cooperation.

    Author from Cloud Computing and Data Science