Applied Microbiology: Theory & Technology — Special Issue on Microbial Nanotechnology Calling for papers Jun 25, 2022

Applied Microbiology: Theory & Technology — Special Issue on Microbial Nanotechnology

Calling for papers


Nanotechnology has made a significant impact in biology and medicine and has led to the development of Nanobiotechnology’. Nanoparticles may be synthesized by physical or chemical methods which is however expensive and may also be unstable. Therefore there has been an emerging interest to develop ecofriendly and sustainable methods. Nanoparticles may therefore be synthesized by biological principles and its biosynthesis by microorganisms is referred as Microbial Nanotechnology. 


Production of nanoparticles in the nanoscale range of 1–100 nm offers useful properties characteristic of its size, shape and morphology and distinct from the characteristics at its macroscopic level. The microbial synthesis of nanoparticles is of considerable interest making the process a ‘green’ approach.


This Special Issue of Applied Microbiology: Theory & Technology (AMTT) is to provide a platform for biologists and chemists and other interdisciplinary researchers to develop an understanding of microorganisms as promising candidates in nanoparticle biosynthesis, their special characteristics and multifold applications.


Papers are welcome on:

• Different spectroscopic and microscopic techniques for characterization of nanoparticles

• Societal issues on microbial Nanoparticle biosynthesis and/or applications

• Nanoparticle biosynthesis by bacteria, fungi and yeasts

• Microbial synthesis and applications of Quantum dots

 Mechanisms of Nanoparticle biosynthesis

 Antimicrobial activities of Nanoparticles

• Applications of Nanoparticles

 Toxicity of nanoparticles in microbes


Editor-In-Chief:  Dr. Zimin Wei, Northeast Agricultural University, Harbin, China

Guest Editor: Dr. J.Geraldine Sandana Mala, C/o TAKENEN, Chennai, India

Associate Editor: Dr. Satoru Takeuchi , TAKENEN, Ishikawa, Japan


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Submission Deadline: October 25, 2022

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