Special Issue of Cloud Computing and Data Science "Geospatial clouds as the base for Building Earth-oriented Digital Twin" May 20, 2022

Special Issue of Cloud Computing and Data Science—Geospatial clouds as the base for Building Earth-oriented Digital Twin


Climatic changes, Sustainable development goals, and the Europan Green deal are bringing new challenges to the modeling of Earth Processes. We need to have detailed models of Earth, integrated data in standardized and harmonized form, easily discoverable and accessible on the cloud, and also powerful modeling tools. Those all will be included in future models of the Earths–Earths Oriented Digital Twins Digital. Twin Earth has to provide enhanced modeling and forecast in space and time to be able to formulate new policies and also business processes. It should support all policymakers, researchers, and also businesses. Digital Twin Earth has to bring new quality to Earth modeling and overcome some of the fundamental limitations in current modeling approaches. It has to offer possibilities to run the model from small scale to large scale. It has to include not only environmental issues but also socio-economic factors or anthropogenic processes. We need a new generation of Earths models based on cloud and HPC to open the door for more effective decision-making integration of advanced models, cutting edge AI methodologies, and the latest IoT ad EO observations capabilities to achieve high performance simulations at an extreme scale.

Aim and scopes:

Digital twins create a virtual replica of a physical product, process, or system. The replica can for example predict when a machine will fail, based on data analysis, which allows increasing productivity through predictive maintenance. [https://www.twi-global.com/technical-knowledge/faqs/what-is-digital-twin]. 

The Digital Twins start to be used mainly in the industry (automotive, construction), but now with the growing importance of modeling of processes on Earth, this model is more used in modeling of Earth cover. This becomes extremely important now with the adoption and mitigation of climatic changes. Building such models will be necessary to fulfill Sustainable development goals and also European Green Deal. The special issue will present different activities standards, and approaches leading to building new earth Oriented Digital Twins

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Open Geospatial ConsortiumGEO Group

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