Teacher Wellbeing During a Pandemic: Surviving or Thriving? Apr 28, 2022


As cases of COVID-19 surge across the world, research has begun to emerge which considers the implications of school lockdowns on student learning, engagement, and achievement. Yet as face-to-face teaching and learning recommences, it is not only students who will need help adjusting to "the new normal". While 2020 has seen a dramatic increase in the workload of teachers, many of whom have negotiated a continuity of learning in adverse circumstances, we must remember that long before COVID-19 disrupted schools, teachers were already at risk of burnout. The novel coronavirus has further exacerbated the stresses facing teachers, and as countries continue to navigate periods of remote education, recognising and supporting teacher wellbeing should be a key priority. In recognition of the contributions of teachers and the influence they yield over student learning, this article considers the importance of creating conditions for supporting teacher wellbeing before, during, and after the current pandemic.