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  • Herman Hindarso

    Department of Chemical Engineering, Widya Mandala Surabaya Catholic University, Surabaya, Indonesia

    Thank you very much for the information and all your helps and the Fine Chemical Engineering team, including the reviewer team who have helped us in checking and for improving our articles according to existing regulations. We hope that this collaboration can be carried out again in the future.

    Author from Fine Chemical Engineering

  • Ojide Makuachukwu Gabriel

    Department of Economics and Development Studies, Faculty of Management and Social Sciences, Alex Ekwueme Federal University Ndufu-Alike, Nigeria

    Publishing our journal article with Regional Economic Development Research was fantastic experience. The editorial team and the anonymous reviewers literally worked with us to ensure that our ideas was properly presented. I saw in the team a group of professionals who know how to identify research debates – even when the authors are not enable to make conclusive statements. Regional Economic Development Research believes in the continuity of research debates – thus, the journal is willing to publish any part in the value chain that has been properly articulated by researchers. The confidence the team in Regional Economic Development Research demonstrates in authors is so inspiring and encouraging. Early career and professional researchers will definitely appreciate the professional and very inspiring services offered by the team behind the journal. Indeed, Regional Economic Development Research is set on a trajectory of ranking among high impact journals soon. Therefore, I recommend Regional Economic Development Research to any researcher seeking to publish with a professional and inspiring journal with wide readership.

    Author from Regional Economic Development Research

  • Dalip Kumar

    National Council of Applied Economic Research, India

    Thank you very much for publishing my paper of your prestigious publication. I have liked the process of verifying the factual details, order and structure of articles, and getting every paper reviewed by two external subjects experts. I got some suggestions and I very carefully incorporated the suggestions in the core document of my paper too. Your editorial team works professionally and follows the universally acceptable ethical and scientific norms of publishing the articles. It, as a matter of fact, was a great learning experience for me.

    Author from Regional Economic Development Research

  • Aziz Ettahir

    Materials, Energy and Acoustics Team, High School of Technology-Sale, Mohammed V University, Morocco

    I would like to congratulate the editorial staff for their seriousness, their follow-up and their responsiveness. The editorial team does not let anything go, ranging from forgetting a quote to checking the content of the text, figures and tables. I very much appreciate the exchanges between us during these three months and I will not hesitate to submit another work and recommend the journal.

    Author from Global Economics Science

  • Fabio Alfieri

    Department of Agricultural Sciences, Division of Food Science and Technology, University of Naples Federico II, Italy

    We are very happy to have published our research paper in the "Food Science and Engineering" journal. We very much appreciated the work done by the Editorial staff and the support received throughout the entire submission process. Thanks a lot for your professionalism and collaboration.

    Author from Food Science and Engineering

  • Zagharide Zine El Abidine

    Faculty of Sciences of Tunis, University of Tunis El Manar, Tunisia

    I am very satisfied with my experience of publishing in your journal. I salute you for your professionalism. I wish I could publish again in your journal.

    Author from Contemporary Mathematics

  • Olusola Oladapo Makinde

    Department of Architecture, Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Nigeria

    I will like to thank you greatly for the good experiences given to me on the processes leading to the publication of my article. I will like to commend the editorial team for their good manner, the patience, brilliant comments and understanding of publication ethics display during the production. Though, the huddles were high but I was able to overcome them. I was able to learn a lot from their constructive critics and comments.

    Author from Green Building & Construction Economics

  • Bismark Mensah

    Department of Geography Education, University of Education Winneba, Ghana

    Submitting a manuscript to your Journal and the subsequent review process has been a great, intriguing experience to me as a researcher. Looking forward to publishing more papers with you.

    Author from Journal of Bio-agriculture

  • Mitali Sarkar

    Department of Chemistry, University of Kalyani, India

    My experience to publish our paper with this journal in respect to review process and prompt response of the editor office is really nice.  I will again choose this journal to publish papers from our research group and will recommend the journal to my esteemed colleagues.  I express my heartfelt gratitude to the members of the editor office for their sincere efforts.

    Author from Nanoarchitectonics

  • Emad M. Elsehly

    Physics Department, Faculty of Science, Damanhour University, Egypt

    It was nice experience to publish in MNH. Reviewers are taking pains to check articles and encourage authors to make essential corrections. Paper is accepted for publication only after reviewers are satisfied. Citations are due respected by Googles scholar, Researchgate. I hope more advance to this journal. Thanks for my publication.

    Author from Materials New Horizons