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  • Neelam Choudhary

    Directorate of Distance Education, University of Jammu, India

    Publishing with GES was indeed a wonderful experience. The no. of revisions I had to make in my article, with every time it being a new learning experience, itself means how important it is to have experienced people around who can correct you in multiple ways. When I wrote this paper (first draft), I thought it was complete in all respects and there was no scope for improvement. The more I corrected, the more I learned that I was wrong. Every time I had to revise it , I thought that it was complete in its current version. But I was wrong. I have got rich experience , and it will surely help me in my future publication work as well, as a small comma or a small mismatch in spelling also means a lot. Once again, I am highly thankful to the whole editorial team for being so considerate every time I was told to revise. It being an open access journal is an additional point worth mentioning.

    Author from Global Economics Science

  • José Villella

    Center for Studies in Specific Didactics, National University of San Martín-National Coun-cil for Scientific and Technical Research, Argentina

    Posting on SER was a rewarding experience. The feedback with the editors was dynamic, respectful, professional and very fast. Our original was enhanced from the review suggestions. Thank you for the shared work.

    Author from Social Education Research

  • Pankaj Kumar Jha

    Department of Mechanical Engineering, G. H. Raisoni College of Engineering and Management, India

    I am very grateful to all the editorial members of Universal Wiser Publisher (Engineering Science & Technology) for publishing my manuscript in your renowned journal. It is a wonderful experience working with you all. All the editorial team members are very kind and cooperative. The editor review process is very quick, constructive and systematic with quality comments as well which helped me to improve the manuscript in stipulated time. I wish, this journal breaks all the barriers and becomes most popular in the field of research.

    Author from Engineering Science & Technology

  • Subhagata Chattopadhyay

    Department of Computer Science and Engineering, GITAM (Deemed to be) University, India

    Artificial Intelligence Evaluation (AIE) is a peer-reviewed Journal with stringent and critical review process to retain and enhance its International quality. The editing (proof-reading) post acceptance is quite methodical and intensive. I am sure that AIE must be indexed in Scopus and Web of Science and gain Impact factor in a short time.

    Author from Artificial Intelligence Evolution

  • Giorgi Makharadze

    Department of Chemistry, Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University, Georgia

    Me and My co-author would like to thank your reviewers and Dr. Sue Li for their time- consuming work, they have done for the publishing of our original paper in your journal. We are very glad to see such detailed questions about our issue. Such serious attitude towards the publishing material is very nice for us.

    Author from Fine Chemical Engineering

  • Kuntal Manna

    Department of Pharmacy, Tripura University, India

    We are writing this letter to appreciate for the excellent services provided by the journal “Fine Chemical Engineering”. We are grateful to the journal for delightful care of each and every necessity to which are worthy to improve the quality of our manuscript. We would recommend the journal “Fine Chemical Engineering” to other colleagues to publish their work. Please free to contact for any promotional in the near future. Thank you once again for considering our work and published it in your esteemed peer-review journal “Fine Chemical Engineering”, Universal Wiser Publication.

    Author from Fine Chemical Engineering

  • Hossein Mirzaaghabeik

    Civil Engineering Department, Federal University of Santa Catarina,Brazil

    I believe that all editors working in the Engineering Science & Technology (EST) journal are so understanding, patient, professional, encouraging, and supportive, particularly the journal coordinator, Ms Michelle Zu. All steps of the publishing process would carry out on time and precisely.

    Author from Engineering Science & Technology

  • Garret Sobczyk

    Department of Actuara, Physics and Mathematics, University of the Americas, Mexico

    The editorial processing of my article was excellent. I was very happy with the reviewing process which was very constructive, leading to improvements in the quality of my paper. I wish your new open source journal Contemporary Mathematics great success in moving forward. Certainly it is a promising new journal!

    Author from Contemporary Mathematics

  • Herman Hindarso

    Department of Chemical Engineering, Widya Mandala Surabaya Catholic University, Surabaya, Indonesia

    Thank you very much for the information and all your helps and the Fine Chemical Engineering team, including the reviewer team who have helped us in checking and for improving our articles according to existing regulations. We hope that this collaboration can be carried out again in the future.

    Author from Fine Chemical Engineering

  • Ojide Makuachukwu Gabriel

    Department of Economics and Development Studies, Faculty of Management and Social Sciences, Alex Ekwueme Federal University Ndufu-Alike, Nigeria

    Publishing our journal article with Regional Economic Development Research was fantastic experience. The editorial team and the anonymous reviewers literally worked with us to ensure that our ideas was properly presented. I saw in the team a group of professionals who know how to identify research debates – even when the authors are not enable to make conclusive statements. Regional Economic Development Research believes in the continuity of research debates – thus, the journal is willing to publish any part in the value chain that has been properly articulated by researchers. The confidence the team in Regional Economic Development Research demonstrates in authors is so inspiring and encouraging. Early career and professional researchers will definitely appreciate the professional and very inspiring services offered by the team behind the journal. Indeed, Regional Economic Development Research is set on a trajectory of ranking among high impact journals soon. Therefore, I recommend Regional Economic Development Research to any researcher seeking to publish with a professional and inspiring journal with wide readership.

    Author from Regional Economic Development Research